Cash Presell Method

Cash Presell Method V2

AIDA – Uncovered

Pre-selling is a method used to connect with your your potential customer.

Don’t underestimate the power of a presell.

A presell is intended to “warm-up” your prospect, to make a connection. To build trust and establish the “initial” relationship.

Truth be told that sending visitors to a sales page immediately doesn’t work as well as it once used to. With so much free information available online why should your prospect pull out their credit card and part with their hard earned cash?

Now, what if you made a connection with the prospect first?

What if you didn’t even try to sell him/her anything. You befriended them, established trust, talked them them, told a story, heightened curiosity and then and only then – recommended a product?

What do you think your chances are of making a sale from someone that trusts what you have to say?

Let’s say you were buying a new laptop. You work into the electronics store and a salesman approaches you…

He recommends a specific laptop with all the bells and whistles – do you think he has your best interest at heart? Or do you have a niggling feeling he’s only after a sale?


Now what if your buddy “Bob” came back with a new laptop, Bob knew you’re also in the market for a new laptop. Bob raves on how great it is and how it does everything he needs it to do.

You’re friends with Bob, you trust him. You’re interested in what he has to say and what he recommends. So upon his recommendation you go out and buy the same laptop Bob recommends.

Now, what if you could do that online? What if you had that “influence” over your prospects?

Would that change the game? Give you an advantage?


This is exactly what the Cash Presell Method is going to teach you. It’s going to teach you how to create a presell that’ll wine and dine your prospect until you eventually get what you want.

In 2008 I released the first Cash Presell Method, it sold over 1,000 copies. Let’s call it V1 (see the video below).

It’s been revised, tweaked, and a new system has been incorporated to teach you exactly how to write a killer presell. To “connect”, befriend, establish trust, and make the sale.

It’s an entirely NEW product for 2014.

You get to see a presell I’ve personally written for a specific market. You get full examples of exactly what a presell is, how they connect, and and how they work TODAY.

But V2 not “quite” ready yet. However, it’ll be coming out soon!

See you then,
 Mark Acutt

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